Success Or Money?

What we thought that the success defines our goals. Everyone is looking for success, but what you think it is? Earning lots of money, buying an expensive car or a house in a posh locality. Well, it is not. Being a successful person is not about the money you earned, it is about how much content you are.

Desires never satisfy; they grow with every second, every minute. Have you ever imagined, why people with fewer facilities are happier than you? What makes them happy? Despite having money, they live every moment of life. They find life and joy in small things, and they cherish every moment. It is because they put the happiness of their family before spending hours in earning money.

No doubt money is required, but you have to set the limit. Because your family needs you, your time, your attention, not the money. A human being feels more satisfied when he can share his feeling and love with their loved ones.

Having happy family where people care for each other, show respect to everyone that is what everyone desires. Right? So, why leaving yourself behind in the rat race, where everyone wants to earn more and more money.

Enjoy what you have, and you will get everything in your life. Make people smile with little things, show gratitude to one who has sacrificed their work just to make you happy and explore the new definition of a successful person.